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2019-09-28 22:47:16 | Profile
I had the "We are the Sultans..." part stuck in my head for a while now.

Mavì Scottu

2019-06-12 00:21:36 | Profile
I love this song i lernd it on bass bc my grandfather played bass and he gave me his bass when i 10 and i lernd this bad ass song on bass and i play it for him when me and my band are at my grandfathers house

OĻegs Avsejenko

2019-02-24 17:35:05 | Profile
I like the production value in this recording. Who ever miked up the amps did a wonderful job. The only reason why I am always coming back to this band, is the high fidelity of the recording. I am listening to this with Marshall Monitor head phones from a computer, and it sounds marvelous. I do not need anything better than this.


2019-02-18 22:14:20 | Profile
Ilove this music the best of the world....

мэджик лав тв

2018-10-31 08:45:03 | Profile
This is the best song forever ever again!

J. Owens

2018-10-23 23:15:42 | Profile
Yup truth double 4 father and son Swing Name Jack Heemi 4 and 40 double Flower card batman black and Red diamond Very Fast I ll fly 1994 Heaven American son man original states jump 1985 10 years father heaven Ali Rahman london 1973-1957


2018-10-10 17:44:55 | Profile
Christ on a stick why cut the goddamn solo ?Best part of the song eejit.,I hated when radio stations did it and I certainly hate it when you did it

Mei Muumi

2018-10-07 20:11:14 | Profile
My dad is an asshole. I brought myself here fuckers

Vincent Tsosie

2018-09-27 20:04:24 | Profile
Why the hell would you post the short version? The guitar solo is the best part..

Indies High

2018-09-23 00:27:52 | Profile
All our dads had great taste in music seeing as we all found ourselves here. Cheers for great music and greater memories. We are all the sultans of swing.