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Top songs DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

# Song Bitrate Length
1 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room 256 03:47
2 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble 320 05:06
3 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 192 04:56
4 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand 320 05:16


Rae HeyRae

2018-10-30 10:14:59 | Profile
What I had this cassette bunch of years ago on diffrents artists this song was on the cassette too still like it

Vincent Kern

2018-10-28 09:38:50 | Profile
It was awesome my last day of Middle School Summer Time was playing on the radio where did the 90s go. I need to find Doc Brown & go back in time lol.

Guillermo Ramos

2018-10-27 03:23:07 | Profile
His best track by far

Waffle Zombie7134

2018-10-26 20:41:36 | Profile
Lmao cool hair style bring back the old school lol

Vincent Tsosie

2018-10-25 16:09:14 | Profile
I so love this when the first came out back in the day. PS . Go Speed Racer go . Smiley wink......

Ray Giammarco

2018-10-21 16:23:10 | Profile
I was 16 when this was released. Such good times. No social media, cell phones, internet. We played outside riding bikes, stopping the ice cream man, listening to our boom box cassette deck player with the detachable speakers full blast!


2018-10-21 13:58:55 | Profile
Many people can say how much of a corn ball rapper Will Smith was but he has one of the top 100 hip hop songs of all time (Summer Time). Some ppl cant say the same about their favorite rapper lol

YassiNe FiL

2018-10-20 18:31:34 | Profile
Old music is the best

Paul Weiss

2018-10-17 19:19:56 | Profile
Watching this video I can taste the Saturday morning cartoons, the barbecue in the afternoon and the koolaid.