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2 Lifehouse - Broken 256 04:17
3 Lifehouse - Out Of Breath 320 03:19
4 Lifehouse - All In 320 03:56
5 Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall 320 03:48


Kostya Lucker

2019-04-07 22:44:28 | Profile
lol it seriously never gets old

Furby Gender

2018-10-30 22:06:53 | Profile
promise me not to throw your life away... you could still convince indish people to eat beef and open some burgerking or mc donalds restaurants... or write a book about michael jackson and natural appearance! looool

cute cats

2018-10-27 22:20:56 | Profile
you need a renewed life loyd

nia najiha

2018-10-22 12:30:02 | Profile
The song and the drama just going so well together.... The best from all the skit.

Nyall Rolls

2018-10-21 07:58:28 | Profile
throw your old life away loyd... go down on your knees and pray 4 forgivness... 4 all those things you did in your miserable life...

Sandra Newton

2018-10-20 03:30:47 | Profile
Its soo easy for society to grabe ahold of you, and make you lose what is most important..that is Jesus and God!!

Kessi Coppock

2018-10-17 20:37:16 | Profile
loyd tell me, what can i do to help you? is there something i can do 4 you? what should i pray 4?

Stephen OToole

2018-10-13 10:32:25 | Profile
yea, i was here too, we just need to pray for him, for the light of the truth to shine upon him!


2018-10-12 15:47:06 | Profile
loyd i feel that you really wanna have freedom in your emo-life. black socks with pink stripes... hellokitty skulls and pali scarfs.... it should take an end now... pray lord... pray 4 you and your family ... they are all lost.. like you! you guys need all help..somebody has to open your eyes


2018-09-27 08:01:36 | Profile
God will always be there for us (: