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2018-12-24 20:47:25 | Profile
The most beautiful smile in the world


2018-11-01 01:48:37 | Profile
So sweet, so deep, so ....

Matt Weismiller

2018-10-31 16:16:36 | Profile
You better be good when i die you can kiss me good bye if i had hold my breathe to get you to keep your word, It would be like find a piss ant in rain forrest ha ha

varda gil

2018-10-21 21:44:48 | Profile

Achim Helmutwerner

2018-10-21 00:11:16 | Profile
I love Shania Twain more now, shit ya! i am getting my God around sun that is fact the only way you can get it, its spiritual i know this for fact that is the only reason i have remain faithful to my word to Shania Twain she know she in not stupid person she one of the most brilliant people i have meet in my life but deceiving as hell i wonder why the swap shop train her poor me and other one ha ha bullshit what do you expect born in sin, live in sin and have sin push on us fucking angels sure, Hell i am stupid Mex---i--can your fucking ass----set ha ha

Ray Giammarco

2018-10-18 04:38:08 | Profile
How can this be this world?