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1 The Hollies - Do You Love Me 256 02:15
2 The Hollies - Narida 256 04:02
3 The Hollies - What Went Wrong 320 02:11
4 The Hollies - Rockin' Robin 320 02:20
5 The Hollies - High Classed 320 02:21


bernadette daly

2018-12-23 07:08:02 | Profile
hay la carita de tony hicks que lindoooo!!!!! 0:54 tiene una voz bien suave


2018-10-26 03:33:25 | Profile
me gusta la claridad de voz con que cantaban en esos tiempos era chevere pero lastima los tiempos cambian

Melinda Bryant

2018-10-21 23:04:36 | Profile
this is really live!! THEY WERE FUCKING GREAT!!!!

Tabitha S

2018-10-16 10:47:52 | Profile
On March 15, 2010, the Hollies will be inducted finally into the RRHOF. My best friend and his wife are attending the ceremony and he told me that this will be more exciting than seeing the Beatles in Detroit in 1966 at the old Olympia. This group had so many hits and should have been received better in the US than they were. Still, one great song after another.


2018-10-09 14:22:52 | Profile
Has anyone noticed that Bern bears an incredible reseblance to David St. Hubbins of SPINAL TAP?

Mimi H

2018-10-07 11:09:09 | Profile
you can watch the R&R Hall of Fame ceremony live on Fuse. Congrats to all Hollies members, past and present!

Wely Johnys

2018-09-02 00:37:49 | Profile
The Hollies are finally getting their long-overdue spot in the HOF. It is about time the HOF people got off their lazy duffs and did the right thing.

Chelsea Quinones

2018-08-31 11:46:35 | Profile
Please, what is Fuse? Thanks!

kez k

2018-08-29 00:51:59 | Profile
Great Song! Although, if that was 1969, why are they in suits? Everyone by that time left that mod look except for them. Way to keep it alive!


2018-08-18 09:03:47 | Profile
Tony Hicks looks about 12!